5 Outfits To Help Ace 5 Different Interviews

There are few situations that are trickier to dress up for than an interview. On one hand, you've got to get your point across at first impression, which means condensing your aesthetic, your taste, and your sartorial professionalism into one outfit. On the other, your outfit can't speak louder than you do — leave the "statements" to your résumé, not your necklace.
Whether it's third-round interviews at a buttoned-up law firm or happy hour drinks with the founder of that start-up you're dying to get in on, a few style tips are consistent: Don't show too much skin, don't wear distracting patterns or graphics, and err on the side of dressy.
While you may end up wearing a T-shirt to work every day after you're hired, your interview is definitely the time to make sure your most capable-looking outfit isn't still at the cleaners. Specific to a range of different dream jobs, we've concocted five genius outfits that are sure to make the right kind of impression.
Don't see your specific interview outfit on the list? Let us know what kind of situation you've got on the horizon, and we'll shoot you some advice in the comments!

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