Pups In Costumes! The 20 Most Insanely Amazing Doggy Disguises, Ever

We don't care if you're a dog person or a cat person or an all-around animal hater (but you'd never admit that around here, would you?). Obviously, here at R29 HQ, we adore all things four-legged and cuddly. But even if you're not with us, we've got something that will leave you agape with awestruck wonder. Because this weekend, we went out and shot our cutest story yet.
Behold: the NYC doggie parade , an occasion for Greyhounds to become bats, Boston Terriers to masquerade as Andy Warhol, Pugs to transform into unicorns, and humans to turn into puddles of goo at the overabundance of adorable.
The result? A slideshow of inspiring puppy looks that also happens to be the perfect antidote for a case of the Mondays. Don't believe us? Click through, check out that Bichon dressed up like Donald Trump, and then get back to us.

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