Go Big Or Go Home: Betsey Johnson's Accessories Are Pure Fashion Candy

Oh, Betsey Johnson, you're definitely our favorite cartwheeling septuagenarian. Betsey's never been one to reign in the whimsy — outfits accessorized with tiaras and baby pigs, anyone? — but that's why we love her. We can always count on Betsey for a shot of giddy fashion fun: She's a bubblegum-pink platform pump in a sea of dour, tasteful ankle booties.
Speaking of shoes, we're pleased to report that Betsey's OTT philosophy extends to her line of accessories, too. Boots are crazy-sexy and thigh-high, flats are snakeskin, and sneakers are neon wedges, thank you very much. Sure, we wouldn't exactly wear a fringed, leopard-print bootie to the office — but when the clock strikes 5? This is exactly the sort of fashion candy we wanna rock 'til dawn.
Read on for more picks from fashion's favorite free spirit, straight ahead.

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