Still Stumped For Halloween Costumes? Get Thee To American Apparel!

Life was so much harder before there was an American Apparel on every corner. We love that we're never far from our favorite fashionable basics and L-train staples like cute crop tops and high-waisted pants.
But AA isn't just good for gold lamé you know — it's also the go-to source for last-minute, super-creative Halloween costumes. Yep, whether you want to go as a Harajuku girl or a slice of pizza, you can get everything you need at American Apparel — and the bonus is you might actually wear the elements of your costume long after trick-or-treating is over (heck yeah, we'd rock that fried egg T-shirt).
Click on for 10 cheeky, hilarious Halloween costumes that are sure to impress. No more sexy cats for you — although we admit, that body-suited tree is sort of hot.

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