15 Super-Sexy Dresses That Don't Scream "Desperate"

We've all seen her…and felt for her. The chick who never got the memo that when planning for a date or night on the town, you must strategically choose between a plunging neckline or a sky-high hemline. Seriously, though, we all know that dressing like a Hollywood Boulevard strutter isn't appealing to the more meaningful members of the opposite sex, and if you want to make a lasting impression, you've got to mix the sexy with a healthy dose of class.
And while we'd never suggest you show up for a rendezvous in a muumuu or nun's habit, we've found some titillating threads that still leave something to the imagination. Just click through this collection of extra-enticing evening wear, and prepare to get hearts racing without being filled with sartorial regret.

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