28 Eligible (& Sexy!) L.A. Bachelors — All Found On OkCupid!

If you could eavesdrop on the calls or dinner tête-à-têtes of twenty and thirtysomething gals in this town, more often than not, we'd guess relationship woes would be the topic of the day, month, or year. And the convo often steers to that sometimes humbling decision of taking your game to the web's smattering of dating sites.
So, while we've brought you stand-up fellas here before, we're also all for diversifying your pursuit portfolio. That's why we've done our homework on OkCupid, to bring you 28 cool, local guys who seem so worth taking the making-a-profile plunge. After all, what do you have to lose? The site's free, public, and teeming with promise. Whether you're looking to instantly settle down or just speed date through throngs of possible soul mates is up to you, but our fingers are firmly crossed that your days of solitary confinement are over!
Click through for 28 OkCupid profiles (seven are gay!) that make us believe in (online) love again.
The featured members have public profiles that OkCupid has given us permission to run. OkCupid users who have not created a private profile are publicly indexed and searchable. To request removal, please us at feedback@refinery29.com. Note: OkCupid does not make email addresses, personal information, or real names public to users or non-users.

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