10 Winter Skin-Care Tips Every Angeleno Should Know

In L.A., the most common shifts are of the tectonic variety, not temps. And although seasons are basically non-existent, it's important for Angelenos to be proactive in the skin-care department. We may not endure the bitter winds that the NorCal folks face, but we still feel the effect of winter — especially on our mugs.
Rather than relying on the good 'ol guess-and-check method, we made sure to tap expert esthetician Renée Rouleau for solid advice while she was in town. With 25 years in the biz, Rouleau is known for giving Hollywood flawless-looking skin and unparalleled treatments. She's a firm believer in the fact that one size does not fit all and not everyone falls into the dry, normal, or oily categories that so many beauty companies sell to their customers. When we asked Rouleau why us L.A. dwellers need to fine-tune their routine come fall, her answer was simple: "As it gets colder, less natural oils are being secreted from the skin. You need to ensure the skin stays moist, plump, and hydrated during this time."
Sure, we get that moisturizer is a must-have, but we made sure Rouleau dished on the products that'll deliver the best results. And, in addition to beauty counter purchases, the skin guru gave us a grocery list of items that'll maximize impact. Yep, it apparently takes more than a stocked medicine cabinet to cure those winter woes!
Isn't it about time you stopped ignoring your pores? Peruse Rouleau's picks and get ready to rethink the way you show face in the City of Angels.

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