Rules Revised: "You Can't Wear White After Labor Day"

Though you've all heard of the "No white after Labor Day" rule, it's rare that anyone knows its origin. In the early 1900s, white clothing was mainly worn by the wealthy during the summer (as anyone who's prone to spills knows that it's one of the least hardy colors around), and it was a strict upper-class tradition to switch one's summer clothes for winter clothes during Labor Day. Anyone who didn't subscribe to it could be branded as uncouth.
Sound a little Lady Grantham to you? We agree, which is why we beg you to ditch that rule and start embracing winter whites. It's a stark, clean, striking color to wear in winter's gray days, and — with the help of a Tide pen and a washing machine — doesn't have to be an inconvenient color to wear. Click through to prove the fuddy-duddies wrong.

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