Changing Tastes: The Chicago Bars To Party At Now

Before you go out, grab your besties, and get a little crazy, there's a few questions you have to ask yourself about where you're going to hang: What's the menu like? How's the music? Is it populated with dudes rocking sideways baseball caps (shiver)? See, as we mature and our tastes become more refined, the elements that were fun a few years ago are no longer part of our ideal evening. When greasy wings, blaring speakers, and screaming post-college coeds are no longer for you, it's time to upgrade your nighttime itinerary and hit a new round of bars.
Because you'll never stop evolving, but you'll always be partying, we've created a roundup of the best new nightlife options around town. Click through to discover some new joints that will, we promise, get you out of your routine and add some excitement to your schedule.

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