11 Divine Doctor Bags You'll Want To Carry Everywhere

We've all been there: Whether you chalk it up to too many early mornings or too many late nights, some days, it can be a feat just to roll out of bed, throw on a dress, and make it to your desk before your boss drops by. Actually feeling polished and put-together while you manage all that? Well, that can wind up pretty low on the priority list when stress levels start to rise.
How to deal? Stock your wardrobe with go-to pieces that always look good, no matter how little time you have to get ready. The first staple on that list: a classic satchel that contributes both timeless structure and a composed, I've-got-my-act-together vibe. And it doesn't have to be boring, either — we've rounded up our very favorite doctor bags, and we think you'll find them to be anything but standard issue.

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