The Top 40 Delivery-Food Spots In L.A. For A Delish Night In!

Anyone else feeling like this week was the dooziest of doozies? Well, TGIF, dear readers! If a post-work grocery-store run or even a trip around the block for an easy bite tonight seems physically impossible, put on your comfiest clothes (we can't even begin to wrap our brains around jeans and a T-shirt today), turn on the tube, and dial up one of our 40 savory go-tos that deliver on the spot.
L.A. has so many mobile-meal gems that it can sometimes be challenging to navigate who's going to serve up fast, belly-friendly food. So, to make it even easier for your tired ol' bones, we've organized our delish list by neighborhood, and covered a smorgasbord of varying cuisines. Whether it's sushi and Modern Family in Silver Lake or pizza and Girls in Venice, you'll be cozy and well-fed for a productive and relaxing day tomorrow.
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Pretty rarely does a just-opened resto offer delivery, but ROFL prides itself on being at your service all day long (with some of the friendliest people taking your order, too). The Short Rib Grilled Cheese is the gooey-est comfort food, and if you're feeling a real oink-out, complete your feast with the waffles, served with a dollop of Danish cream. (There's no way you won't have sweet dreams after that!).
ROFL Café, 7661 Melrose Avenue (near North Stanley Avenue); 323-951-1536.

Damiano Mr. Pizza
After being loyal customers for over eight years, our only complaint with this Fairfax place is that it doesn't have our credit card on file! We'll forgive, though, since we've made some late night calls in perhaps not the most sober state and may or may not have been asleep once the delivery boys arrived! The slices of heaven take sometimes longer than an hour to meet your mouth after ordering, but it's the greasiest, most authentic grub in town.
Damiano Mr. Pizza, 412 North Fairfax Avenue (near Oakwood Avenue); 323-658-7611.

Star of India
Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka, some Aloo Paratha, and you're good to go for dinner and lunch the next day! We're not sure how we feel about eating inside this dive-style joint (we've actually never dared set foot), but it's rich and delish on our couches!
Star of India, 7212 Melrose Avenue (at North Formosa Avenue); 323-939-6815.

Other Notables:
Lulu’s Café, 7149 Beverly Boulevard (at Detroit Street); 323-938-6095.
Pizzeria Mozza, 641 North Highland Avenue (at Melrose Avenue ); 323-297-1130.

ROFL Photo: Courtesy of Kip Morrison & Associates
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Natalee Thai
No joke, this is where the chefs of all the other Thai restaurants in town order when they clock-out. Order the Siam Spring Rolls to start (imported straight from Southeast Asia), some spicy Beef Panang for the second course, and the divine Pad Thai if you're extra famished. We love that for an extra buck, they'll do all white-meat chicken, and even if you don't like Thai Iced Tea, this spot will have your taste buds rethinking that verdict!
Natalee Thai, 998 South Robertson Boulevard (at West Olympic Boulevard); 310-855-9380.

Sure, the thought of sushi delivery may make some cringe, but Asakuma's been serving fresh pescados for eons — it's seriously still fresh-out-of-the-fridge cold when that paper bag greets your door. Delivery's free if you spend $25 (you will easily), and they'll make any roll with brown rice for the health conscious.
Asakuma, 141 South Robertson Boulevard (near Wilshire Boulevard); 310-659-1092.

Urth Caffé
You've undoubtedly had a first date, lunch meeting, or gab sesh with gal pals at one of Urth's many outposts, but did you know it delivers? We shockingly didn't until recently! It's reassuring to know there's a healthy option out there if that Friday ever comes when we feel like being bums and watching the belly-bulge.
Urth Caffé, 267 South Beverly Drive (between Olympic and Wilshire boulevards); 310-205-9311.

Other Notables:
Chef Ming’s Kitchen, 8950 West Olympic Boulevard (near South Almont Drive); 310-273-7727.
Judi’s Deli, 433 North Bedford Drive (near Brighton Way); 310-275-1773.

Natalee Thai, Photographed by Molly Cranna
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Baby Blues BBQ
You might miss the live music or football that always enlivens this brick and mortar, but that Tri-Tip Sandwich, cornbread, and variety of sauces would taste good in a padded room! In fact, it may even be one of our "desert island" necessities.
Baby Blues BBQ, 7953 Santa Monica Boulevard; 323-656-1277.

Jerry’s Famous Deli
We'd like to shake Jerry's hand. Or, better yet, hug him. That Matzo Ball soup has soothed the nastiest of colds, bad breakups, and don't even get us started on the powers of the German Chocolate Cake! The Turkey Reuben with extra Thousand Island on the side is another must-order, but there's really something for everyone on the endless menu.
Jerry’s Famous Deli, 8701 Beverly Boulevard (at North Sherbourne Drive); 310-289-1811.

So, you might be bummed to hear that this spot won't bring Joplins and a badass vibe to your door, but that mean sausage pizza and hearty chopped salad are sometimes all a weary soul can take anyway! There was a period of a few months where this delivery and the entire run of Arrested Development was a Friday-night ritual, and well, we miss those good old days!
Jones, 7205 Santa Monica Boulevard (at North Formosa Avenue); 323-850-1726.

Other Notables:
Talesai, 9043 Sunset Boulevard (near North Doheny Drive); 310-275-9724.
Cheebo, 7533 West Sunset Boulevard (near North Sierra Bonita Avenue); 323-850-7070.

Baby Blues BBQ, Photographed by Molly Cranna
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Agra Cafe
The Curry Lunch Special pictured here is eight dollars, and includes rice, Naan bread, Raita, a cauliflower side dish, and a mystery (in a good way) sauce. It was a total bang for those bucks! If you're dining at night, we suggest the Veggie Samosas, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Lamb Korma. The delivery is lickety split, you can choose your spice level, and the portions are big, but trust us, you'll totally eat it all!
Agra Cafe, 4325 West Sunset Boulevard (near Fountain Avenue); 323-665-7818.

Trattoria Farfalla
This is a legit locals-only spot, even for delivery. You need to live within two miles of the Hillhurst Italian eatery, and it typically takes around 45 minutes to hit your stoop. We crave the Lasagna Emiliana to the point that we'll crash at our Los Feliz friends' pads from time to time just for a taste!
Trattoria Farfalla, 1978 Hillhurst Avenue (at Finley Avenue); 323-661-7365.

Let's face it, sometimes you're too lazy to even make a phone call (it can be frustrating to repeat your credit card number 18 times, right?). Home has an easy-breezy online hub to order up savory faves like waffle fries, red-velvet pancakes (words can't describe the delight these ignite!), and mac and cheese.
Home, 1760 Hillhurst Avenue (at Kingswell Avenue); 323-669-0211.

Other Notables:
The Palace, 2112 Hillhurst Avenue (at Ambrose Avenue); 323-667-1595.
Lucifers Pizza, 1958 Hillhurst Avenue (near Franklin Avenue); 323-906-8603.
Bulan Thai, 4114 Santa Monica Boulevard (near Manzanita Street); 323-913-1488.
Il Capriccio, 1757 North Vermont Avenue (between Melbourne and Kinswell avenues); 323-662-5900.

Agra Cafe, Photographed by Molly Cranna
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We've praised this pizza before because Price Latimer Agah and her pro-skater hubby just know what's up when it comes to fresh and feisty slices. The Garlic Knots are an essential appetizer, and the Spicy Chopped Salad will ease any guilt!
Pizzanista!, 2019 East 7th Street (near Imperial Street); 213-627-1430.

LA Café
Reliable is the first word that comes to mind here. Delivery's available 24 hours a day, and even though dishes range from Salmon Tacos with mango salsa to the highly heralded chili, it's always guaranteed good stuff.
LA Café, 639 South Spring Street (near West 6th Street); 213-612-3000.

Soi. 7
This Thai and Asian-fusion cuisine is on speed dial for downtown dwellers who like spice. The Basil Chicken and Pad Thai get the most-ordered awards.
Soi. 7, 518 West Seventh Street (near South Grand Avenue); 213-537-0333.

Other Notables:
Il Macchiato Café, 312 West 5th Street (near South Broadway); 213-488-1326.
California Kabob Kitchen, 141 West 11th Street (at Blackstone Court); 213-747-9500.

Pizzanista!, Photographed by Hailley Howard
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It's always amazing to us that the Jumbo Volcano roll (baked spicy tuna, avocado, and crab) always still arrives in flawless form despite the auto-jostle it must face! If you're not feeling raw fish on the road, the Pork Katsu and Chicken Teriyaki are enjoyable options, too.
Ninjin, 607 Colorado Avenue (near 6th Street); 310-451-9800.

Thai Dishes
Two words: Eggplant Tofu. Well, actually, the Green Curry Fried Rice with shrimp gives it a run for its money, too! This Broadway spot is affordable and one of the most praised amongst our pickiest SM friends.
Thai Dishes 123 Broadway (near 2nd Street); 310-394-6189.

Rosti Tuscan Kitchen
Who doesn't love Rosti? No one we know! A little Linguini in Spicy Pink Sauce with Blackened Chicken, vino rosso, some worn-in sweats, and 30 Rock reruns will cure any long-week woes.
Rosti Tuscan Kitchen, 931 Montana Avenue (near Lincoln Boulevard); 310-393-3236.

Other Notables:
Spumoni, 713 Montana Avenue (near 7th Street); 310-393-2944.
Seaside Grill, 109 Broadway Street (near Ocean Avenue); 310-319-6262.
Real Food Daily, 514 Santa Monica Boulevard (at 5th Court); 310-451-7544.
Thai Vegan, 2400 Main Street (near Hollister Avenue); 310-581-4255.
Brico LA, 1518 Montana Avenue (near 16th Street); 310-656-1500.
Buddha’s Belly, 205 Broadway (at 2nd Street); 310-458-2500.
Fromin’s, 1832 Wilshire Boulevard (at 19th Street); 310-829-5443.

Photo: Via Ninjin
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Zelda’s Corner
There's so much goodness being slanged on this corner, you'd think it was illegal! Just when you think it doesn't get any better than the “Mr. Electric” Panini jammed with turkey, crispy prosciutto, avocado, provolone, pickled jalapeno, organic baby greens, and sliced fresh tomatoes on an authentic French baguette, you try the Clam Chowder and mini donuts, and man. We've yet to try something we didn't want a second helping of (thank goodness by the time our belly sends the "I'm full" memo to the head, the delivery man or woman is long gone!).
Zelda’s Corner, 9 Westminster Avenue (at Speedway); 310-314-6458.

Abbot’s Pizza Company
Each pie is crafted on a bagel crust at this AK hot spot, and it's so in-demand you'll definitely want to order long before your stomach grumbles! And, there's plenty of groovy blends you wouldn't expect: We're into the Salad Pizza with onion, basil, chopped mixed greens, feta, and avocado with a sour cream and lemon dressing base.
Abbot’s Pizza Company, 1407 Abbot Kinney Boulevard (near California Avenue); 310-396-7334.

La Cabana
A local favorite, and atop our recent list of must-eat South of the border spots, this place is the whole enchilada! Avoid any lines by calling ahead, and we won't judge if you like your Mexican in bed!
La Cabana, 738 Rose Avenue (near Lincoln Boulevard); 310-392-7973.

Another Notable:
C & O Cucina, 3016 Washington Boulevard (near Yale Avenue); 310-301-7278.

Photo: Via Zelda's Corner
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Well, it doesn't get more legit than this Brentwood sushi spot. It was the first to intro soba and udon noodles to Lala for fine dining and has been doling out fresh fish since '94. It's actually quite lucky (and dangerous) that it delivers!
Taiko, 11677 San Vicente Boulevard (near South Barrington Avenue); 310-207-7782.

Fine-dining straight to your door is one of those indulgences you sometimes have to allow yourself (even worth forgoing a pedi the following day!). Amici's not a total fortune, but with plates like risotto with shrimp and saffron and fresh baby artichokes and hearts of palm salad with shaved parmesan and walnuts, it adds up fast! We say, whatever, when you've just gotta mangia!
Amici, 2538 San Vicente Boulevard (at South 26th Street); 310-260-4900.

Chin Chin
We probably could put a down payment on a car with all of the money we've spent at this celebrated spot over the years! The Mango Iced Tea is unbeatable (we've actually gone inside in lieu of Starbucks), and the Steamed Dumplings with chicken are to-die (be sure to ask for extra apricot dipping sauce). For your main dish, order the Kung Pao Chicken, and instead of peanuts, try cashews — mind-blowing and mouthwatering, we promise!
Chin Chin, 11740 San Vicente Boulevard #201; 310-826-2525.

Other Notables:
Socko’s Subs, 920 Broxton Avenue (near Le Conte Avenue); 310-824-1222.
Bella Pita, 1945 ½ Westwood Boulevard (near Missouri Avenue); 310-475-4070.

Photo: Via Taiko

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