What's It Like Getting Ready For Fashion Week With Miroslava Duma?

When you're Miroslava Duma, your Fashion Week experience isn't quite like everyone else's — instead of hoofin' it on the subway, begging your roommate to let you borrow her one nice dress, and trying to turn a cup of coffee into a meal, you get a private band (courtesy of Tesla Boy), a private SUV, and a whole bunch of Ferragamo bags, jewels, and shoes to play around with.
Here, along with her fellow Russian style icons Elena Perminova and Anya Ziourova, Miroslava shows us what it's like primping and prepping for a Ferragamo party. Why Ferragamo? Says Miroslava, "Every new collection by [creative director] Massimiliano Giornetti is getting better and better, more and more beautiful, feminine, wearable and simply cool. All the pieces I have I can wear now, and in 20 years time still be fresh and chic when I share with my daughters." Spoken like a true pro.
Check out the video below, and — because we know you were just about to ask — the song is "Spirit of the Night," by Tesla Boy. So...you might not be able to pre-party like the czarinas, but at least you can get their playlist.

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