We Bought A Complete Fall Wardrobe For $1,000

We get it — sometimes exhuming a fall wardrobe that's been packed away all summer long is a depressing sport. Instead of reintroducing yourself to the forgotten jewels of your cold-weather closet, you find yourself surrounded by out-of-style pullovers, jeans that don't quite fit anymore, and jackets that make you reconsider everything about your style choices.
Are you screwed? Not exactly. Giving your wardrobe the revamp it deserves doesn't have to cost you buckets of money — in fact, sometimes, all it takes is a couple of pieces to reinvigorate your fall swag.
However, we took things to the extreme (just because we like to prove a point). Say you hate everything and want to start from scratch. It's not that big a deal. We went out and bought a complete fall wardrobe — from sneakers to a cocktail dress — ringing in right under $1,000. Click through for the breakdown.

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