Add Some Natural Wonder Into Your Skin-Care Routine With Grapeseed Oil

The many innovations of the skin-care world have always been slightly baffling, and now more than ever, with high-tech instruments such as lasers and the Clarisonic becoming as common in women's routines as slapping on some basic SPF. If all of these gadgets and gizmos are giving you a headache, don't worry: Getting beautiful and healthy skin doesn't necessarily have to involve such complicated (and expensive) tools.
Introducing an all-natural, simple solution that you may not have heard about: grape seed extract (or its cousin, grapeseed oil). After hearing that Emma Stone uses grapeseed oil exclusively to moisturize her sensitive skin without clogging her pores, we just had to learn more about this magic ingredient.
To get all of the details on exactly how grapeseed oil can benefit skin, we reached out to Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie, a skin-care brand inspired by the moisturizing and antioxidant powers of grapes. "In the vineyards, grape seeds are systematically thrown away," says Thomas. "Caudalie 'recycles' them and uses the active ingredient, by drawing the oil from the seeds of the grape. Fifty kg of grape seeds are required to obtain 1 liter of oil." So, there you have it: Grapeseed oil is both beneficial for your complexion and eco-friendly.
As far as the benefits of grapeseed oil in skin-care products, Thomas describes it as an ideal ingredient. "It’s a very fine, non-greasy texture that is rich in omega-6 and vitamin E," says Thomas. "It regenerates and intensely nourishes even the most dehydrated epidermis, leaving it nourished and healthy, without worry of irritation. Grapeseed oil offers an exceptionally soft and satiny finish [to skin]." We'll be keeping this in mind when our skin is all wintered-out in a few short months...or this weekend if we end up a little partied out.
To take advantage of the healing powers of grapeseed oil, Caudalie recently launched Divine Oil, which features grapeseed along with argan, sesame, and hibiscus oils to create the ultimate dry-skin fix (it maintains an even hydration level for over eight hours, versus other moisturizers that may lose their power after only two). If you're wondering if this potion will be too heavy for your combination skin, worry not: It's a dry oil, so it absorbs quickly without being greasy. As a bonus, for every bottle of Divine Oil sold, the Coeur de Fôret Association will plant a tree in the Amazon. Again, with the beautifying/greenifying powers, is there anything this rock-star ingredient can't do?
Burt's Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Grapeseed Oil Hand Creme, $11, available at; Queen Helene Grape Seed Extract Peel-Off Masque, $5, available at; Caudalie Divine Oil, $48, available at Caudalie Paris; Dr. Brandt Lineless Cream, $100, available at Sephora.

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