Cheap L.A.! 50 Local Finds Under $50

Calling L.A. home sweet home comes at a price, clearly evidenced by the fact that valet and parking tickets are now factored into our monthly expenses. They don't call it Tinseltown for nothing, and we wouldn't have it any other way. But, sometimes we're so close to overdrafting that we've perfected the fine art of inputting our pin while simultaneously crossing our fingers and saying a prayer to the Amex gods.
However, rather than relying on our silly superstition, we've decided to ditch the dance and indulge responsibly. We set out to find some L.A.-centric swag that not only comes from Cali, but is cheap, too — $50 and under to be exact. That means each of these 50 locally tinged items is easy on the eyes and the wallets. Who knows, with all this saving, maybe we'll actually pay those meter violations in a timely manner. Maybe.

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