Close Encounter: 6 Fall Getaways To Escape To THIS Weekend

UPDATE: This story was originally published on October 2.
Autumn. The calm before the storm. And you know it. So, before the gorgeous leaves meet their crisp demise — and holiday chaos takes over — make time for a fall getaway. There's no need for plane tickets — we've got six excellent destinations right here in our own backyard.
Historic charm? Check. Activities to keep you amused? You betcha. And, let's not forget about amazing dining options. Even if you can't read a map — or don't own a GPS — you can probably still find your way to these six delightful escapes, painlessly. Whether it's the old-timey charm of Galena or a five-star spa retreat in Kohler, each of these spots will return you refreshed and renewed. What we can't guarantee? How long that feeling will last. Now, fill up that tank and get trekking.

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