Food Fight: Are These The Most Overrated Restos In L.A.?

You'd be hard pressed to find a single R29 staffer who doesn't consider themself a foodie. Honestly, every Monday we spend a solid chunk of our mornings recapping the meals we indulged in the weekend before. Under the radar or bursting at the seams, we love to try new dishes and experience everything the L.A. dining scene has to offer.
A lot of the new spots we've tried definitely live up to the hype (Laurel Hardware and Sunny Spot, to name a few!), but not every check we've paid has been totally worth it. So, when Eater L.A. revealed its list of the top overrated restos, we couldn't help but take a peek and compare notes.
It turns out there's a lot of room for debate. Short Order's burgers are pretty top-notch (try the Nancy Backyard Burger!) and Osteria Mozza is one of our faves for Italian fare. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but we've got to ask: Did Eater L.A. get it right? And, we'd love to know which joint takes the top spot in your book for the most underrated resto in the comments. (Eater L.A.)
Photo: Via Mozza

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