5 Halloween Costumes To Have 'Em Laughing With (Not At) You

Hey friends, welcome to the R29 guide to funny Halloween costumes. Before we begin, let's do a quick test. Which of the following multiple choice options best describes your current Halloween costume plan?
a.) A common profession with the word "slutty" before it (slutty nurse, slutty lumberjack, slutty dog walker, etc.)
b.) A sheet with holes cut out for eyes (actually, wait, that might be hilarious)
c.) So complicated that it takes ten minutes of explaining before someone politely laughs and briskly walks away
d.) All of the above
If any of those answers apply to you, then you may need help. It's not serious, but if left untreated, it could turn into a chronic case of butt-of-the-joke syndrome. If you'd rather have 'em laughing with you, instead of at you, you're in luck: We've put together a quick-and-easy guide to five timely, fail-safe Halloween costumes that you can put together on a dime and at the very last minute. Read 'em and weep — with laughter, that is.

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