The Next Generation: 5 New NYC Hotspots To Drink At Now

Like a fine wine (or a great scotch), we've matured. But don't for a minute think we've slowed down. We still keep pace with this fast, fast city, go out on hot dates, sip drinks outdoors, and indulge in wild nights at the local dive. And do we still dance? Hell yeah, we still dance (how dare you even ask?). But we're a bit wiser now, definitely more savvy, and have a ton of brand-new nighttime options to match our ever-expanding tastes.
If you're anything like us and always looking to discover new spots and recharge your drinking agenda, let us guide you from the haunts you already love, directly to the NYC bars, clubs, and cocktail lounges that will become your new standbys. Faithful to your outdoor hipster meet market? Here's a new pick that strikes the same notes. Still raging at that blazing hotspot? We've found a scene just as scorching. Can't let go of that beloved dive? We'd never ask you to, but we do have the newest, freshest drinking options for the ever-evolving fun seeker. Every New Yorker needs an upgrade now and then, even you. Click through to add some new pins to your map.

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