Dries Van Noten Goes Grunge, From Kurt-Inspired Hair To Oversized Plaid

Though many designers this season have referenced grunge in some form or another, no one dove in quite as deeply as Dries Van Noten. From that messy center part to the oversized plaid shirts, '90s floral prints, and Hanes tank-type silhouettes right down to the oblong plastic glasses Kurt Cobain used to wear (Van Noten even admitted to WWD that the retro checked pattern was very "Courtney Love"), grunge was delivered to us in full.
Except — as evidence of the designer's genius — the whole collection was very un-grungy, given the sheer abundance or the genre's tropes it utilized. Long and lean lines, delicate ties and bows, handfuls of sparkle, and clean, ethereal layers of organza, crepe, silk, and mousseline made this a collection more for the confidant woman than the angsty teen. We'll leave memories of cigarette-burned velour couches and scowling faces in the past, thankyouverymuch. Though, our old checked Vans would look quite good with those plaid-printed gowns...

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