Soon, Your Laptops & iPads Will Be Wearing Comme des Garçons, Too

What's more precious to you — the contents inside your wallet or the contents inside your laptop? If you've decided that your cash, credit cards, and receipts are worthy enough to be covered in Comme des Garçons, shouldn't your laptop be, too?
For Rei Kawakubo enthusiasts, November should be an exciting time: It was revealed at the Damir Doma show yesterday that Kawakubo has collaborated with Paper Rain (a maker of tech device pouches) for a collection of iPad and Macbook covers.
Says CEO of Comme des Garçons International, "Rei's done the prints. They're coming out in November." While we don't expect the same kind of lines as when the iPhone 5 came out, you can bet the queue that does form will be a whole lot better dressed. See you outside! (WWD)

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