R29 Hall Of Fame: The Best Hair In Hollywood

If Hollywood has taught us anything — besides the fact that romantic comedies are not a realistic representation of what it's like to date, that is — it's that changing up your looks will instantly garner you more attention. So, it's no wonder the 10 ladies on our list of the best hair in Hollywood have continued to keep us on our toes, reinventing their mane style, time and again.
They've shown us that shaved heads can be sexy, introduced us to ombré, and taught us that, sometimes, not doing your hair is the biggest statement you can make. Some of our picks were obvious (hello Blake!) and some of them might have you saying "huh?" (you'll see), but we guarantee that every single one of these ladies will inspire some commentary — we've already gotten into quite a few passionate "discussions" about whom to keep and whom to cut. So, if you're wondering if your favorites made the list, well, there's only one way to find out!
Photo: Picture Perfect/Rex USA

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