Where To Meet Men: The Ultimate L.A. Guide!

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on September 28.]
It's hard enough to find a solid car wash or tailor in this town. Let alone a man worthy of your wildest dreams. You'd think in a city with millions of people, it wouldn't be that daunting of a task — but our urban sprawl of over 80 different 'hoods makes pinpointing the primo places to find a flame a Herculean challenge.
Enter Talia Goldstein, founder of Three Day Rule, and a woman who's made it her mission in life to help you lose your heart to a whole-package man. The Patti Stanger for the modern woman, she works with girls to determine their types, then lets them loose, armed with tips, at a well-curated slew of venues. While we're not going to make you whip out the blue books today, Goldstein's identified the categories of cuties most of her clients go for and turned this town upside down with a brilliant cheat sheet to their top hangout spots. See where your "type" lands in this slideshow, and work it, girls!

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