Rad + Refined Darling Styles A Chicago TV Show...Sort Of

Have you checked out the recent fashion issue of Time Out magazine yet? Sure, we were drawn to it for the obvious reason (fashion), but we're also excited that Jacqueline Rezak of Rad + Refined styled the cover — and a big spread featuring the cast of the ABC show Happy Endings.
And, here's the kicker: The show takes place in Chicago but is filmed in L.A. We're flattered that our fabulous city is being recreated, but nothing can represent true Windy City vigor better than, well, the Windy City. Even so, we give props to Rezak for capturing the essence of Chicago style in this shoot. How did she go about it? We reached out to the Chicago native to find out.
Tell us the inspiration and thought process behind your picks?
"My style picks for the cast were based on fall fashion trends: styles including the peplum silhouette, contrasting collars, embellished chunky knit sweaters, lace, statement pieces, and flannel, to name a few! What is important to me when working with a cast of that size is to make sure each person feels good with what they are wearing. If they aren’t comfortable, you can usually see that right away in the photos. In this case, the cast and I got a little extra comfortable, which made for amazing (and funny) photos like the group shot. Also, when working with someone who is blessed with legs for days like Eliza Coupe, there is no question but to show them off."
How did you connect withTime Out to style the shoot?
"The amazing team at Time Out Chicago approached me a few months ago about this shoot, and it was a perfect fit. Fashion editor Kevin Aeh and art director Stephanie Gladney were such a pleasure to work with and brought a very fun energy to the set."
Tell us a bit about the shoot.
"The shoot took place on the set of Happy Endings (Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles), which is where they do most of their filming for the show. But, the coolest part is that since the show is meant to take place in Chicago, the entire set was made to look and feel like a Chicago bar or restaurant — right down to the Bears and Bulls signage, Columbia college flags, flyers for Wicker Park concerts, and more. I truly couldn’t have felt more at home."
Did you do any research on characters or the city prior to the shoot?
"Having grown up in Chicago, I know the city inside and out. So, when I arrived on set, I was VERY impressed with how realistic everything felt. The only thing missing from the bar was a case of 312s!"
Click through to check out some snaps from the spread!
Photos: Courtesy of Time Out Chicago

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