The Whole World In Your Hands: See Cartier's Dazzling New Landscapes Collection

Okay, fine. we can't promise that Cartier can place the whole world in your hands (or around your neck or on your ears, for that matter), but its newest collection of baubles may just make you feel that way.
In celebration of the Biennale des Antiquaires, which just wrapped in Paris, the luxury jewelry we daydream about has taken an inspiring new direction. Spanning continents and climates, the designs embrace the spaces and essences of the boreal, solar, and urban landscapes, and the results are fascinating.
Taking cues from natural beauties, the animal kingdom, and man-made wonders, the Cartier line is filled with jewels that are certainly not for wallflowers. Bold, impactful, and entirely opulent, the designs may be obviously luxe, but they are not obviously literal or over the top. Peek ahead at the sparkling, captivating line — it's kinda like watching National Geographic, but oh-so-much prettier.
Photo: Courtesy of Cartier

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