Meet Mario Badescu: The Skin Care That Keeps Hollywood Ageless

Think you know your favorite beauty brands? Think again. In this continuing series, we highlight some of our go-to lines. Read on for some interesting tidbits, plus the rundown on the products that made our list of favorites.
We don't want to shock you, but — Jennifer Aniston is 43 years old. Gwyneth Paltrow? Just turned 40. Cynical celeb-watchers suggest that a nip here, a chemical peel there keeps these Hollywood Benjamin Buttons looking ageless, but we think that Mario Badescu, the skin-care line beloved by everyone from Gwynnie and Jen to Oprah and Kate Moss, is to thank for keeping A-listers young beyond their years.
Luckily, you don't need a SAG card or modeling contract to take advantage of Mario Badescu's signature ultra-gentle, skin-nourishing formulas. Us non-famous folk can banish breakouts with his acne-zapping kit, soothe flaky fall skin courtesy of vitamin C-infused healing oils, and refresh the windows to our souls with cooling eye gels containing Ceramides (moisture-magnet lipids that'll give your skin a whole new level of glow).
Ready to try the celeb-secret way to keep your skin hydrated, refreshed, and looking at least 10 years younger? Click on for our age-defying picks!

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