Meet DDF, Your Dermatologist In A Bottle

Think you know your favorite beauty brands? Think again. In this continuing series, we highlight some of our go-to lines. Read on for some interesting tidbits, plus the rundown on the products that made our list of favorites.
Forgive us for stating the obvious — but a good dermatologist can make an amazing difference in the lives of those of us with (ahem!) less-than-perfect complexions. These valiant skin scientists have devoted their lives to figuring out how to smooth breakouts, decongest pores, and ward off wrinkles — not exactly Mother Teresa-level work, maybe, but we're grateful for their services all the same.
For those of us too busy or broke to pop over to our derms every time our skin looks sallow or fine lines need filling, luckily there's DDF — the skin care line developed by renowned dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel, and designed to target any type of skin problem you can name. Acne-prone? Try the pore-purifying cleansers and ultra-gentle benzoyl peroxide treatments. Dry skin? Night creams strengthen your skin's moisture barrier for deep-down hydration. Skin showing its age a little too soon for your liking? Boom — antioxidant-infused serums neutralize free radicals, de-puff, and leave you downright dewy.
Click on for more of our favorite skin-saving solutions from the white-coated warriors at DDF. What a (beautiful) difference a little science can make!

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