Meet The Balms That Make Our Mouths Water, Plus 9 Other Clarins Picks

Think you know your favorite beauty brands? Think again. In this continuing series, we highlight some of our go-to lines. Read on for some interesting tidbits, plus the rundown on the products that made our list of favorites.
With all the Fashion Week buzz surrounding the chic, charismatic Courtin-Clarins sisters, it's easy to forget that the Clarins clan was churning out luxe French skin care and makeup, long before they were making It Girls. So, with all due respect to the fashionable French femmes (and their très enviable closets), we'd like to bring the focus back to what Clarins does best: making some of the most long-wearing, skin-perfecting, and downright fun makeup on our vanities.
Just check out Clarins' irresistible, bright, jelly(!) Crystal Lip Balms (we can't decide if we want to wear 'em or eat 'em); long-wearing mineral eye shadow palettes in fall's most fashionable, shimmering colors; and a cult-favorite exfoliating cleanser, that polishes away embedded impurities and dead surface cells for truly illuminated skin.
Read on for more of our favorite high-impact makeup and ingenious skin fixes — we think Virginie, Claire, Jenna, and Prisca would definitely approve.

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