Meet Ceramides: The Youth-Restoring Lipids Your Complexion Craves

Think you know your favorite beauty brands? Think again. In this continuing series, we highlight some of our go-to lines. Read on for some interesting tidbits, plus the rundown on the products that made our list of favorites.
We're not too proud to admit it — sometimes we envy the young. Okay, we're not exactly AARP-age over here, but our skin is starting to show its age — teeny lines around our mouths? We've got 'em. Living-dead complexion after a late night out? You can bet we're piling on the blush in the morning. It's enough to make us wonder — what made our younger skin so soft, supple, and downright dewy? Turns out the skin geniuses at Elizabeth Arden have been asking the same question — and praise the beauty gods, they've found the answer.
Turns out young skin makes lipids called ceramides — moisture-magnet compounds that draw in and retain hydration (hence, the dewy skin of youth). As you age, your skin produces less of these little rejuvenators — but luckily Elizabeth Arden has a complete line of ceramide-containing cosmetics. That's right, Elizabeth Arden's signature vibrant cream blushes, volumizing mascaras, and luxe night creams now come with a youth-restoring boost. It's enough to make us stop side-eyeing every fresh-cheeked young thing we see.
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