Not Quite Ready To Let Go Of Summer? We Are Handsome Can Help...

We know it’s cliché to wax poetic about how “time passes faster as you grow older,” but doesn’t it seem like we went to bed one summer night and when we woke up, it was fall?
Well, if you're still hoping to squeeze a feeew more warm days out of the year, we've got just what you need: We Are Handsome's latest collection, The Streets. It marks the first collaboration for the Aussie brand (with some very cool artists) and is currently available online at ASOS and Barneys, and in stores at Barneys New York.
With swimwear in bold, surprising prints, this line promises to take your hankering for a winter vacation to the next level. A few examples: “The Beatboxer” print showcases art from Christine Berrie, a mixed-media artist, while “The Motel” print utilizes images of Las Vegas from Sydney-based photographer Trevor King.
Luckily, and seasonally, We Are Handsome was kind enough to include long sleeved bodysuits and full-length maxis in the collection, as well. These more weather-appropriate picks are also plastered in colorful pop-art, sure to make you feel all warm inside on the dreary days that are just around the corner. It’s sorta like getting to keep a small part of summer with you, always. And, hey, there's nothing wrong with that.
Photo: Courtesy of We Are Handsome

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