15 Eligible NYC Bachelors — On OkCupid!

Whether you online date or just date and are online, your cyber-interactions can have an effect on your IRL romance, too. It's a double-edged sword — you can look up your new crush on Facebook, but he might reject your friend request. An office hookup can heat up thanks to marathon g-chat sessions. Conversely, an Instagram pic of him with another chick is such a burn. So, in the vein of the www connections we all succumb to in one way or another, we're turning our attention on OkCupid, one dating site that doesn't require spending money or giving your personal deets (unless you want to), and curated a list of profiles that caught our eye. (Our job sucks, right?)
We're not saying there aren't tons of fish in the physical sea as well as the online whirlpool, but dating in NYC isn't exactly easy, so it doesn't hurt to look online — especially when your soulmate could be just a few clicks away. And, just for full disclosure: Yes, we've been messaging some of these 'gents, too… all in the name of research, of course!
Click through for 15 OkCupid profiles (three are gay!) that make us believe in (online) love again.
The featured members have public profiles that OkCupid has given us permission to run. OkCupid users who have not created a private profile are publicly indexed and searchable. To request removal, please us at feedback@refinery29.com. Note: OkCupid does not make email addresses, personal information, or real names public to users or non-users.

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