A Bracelet That's Also A Flask: Thank You Fashion Gods! (Or, Cynthia Rowley)

Shimmering metallic unitards; confetti-splattered prints; boxy, beaded suits... while Cynthia Rowley's party-themed spring '13 presentation video didn't necessarily address the bandage dress type of girl-about-town, she did go after our own Prosecco-fueled hearts with odd-ball shapes, whimsical patterns, and unexpected pairings. In addition to all sorts of soiree-ready ensembles, the show was set in an abandoned hotel, clearly an homage for downtown-loft dance parties from the '80s. Plus, if you look closely at those bracelets, you'll see that there's a flask hidden in them. Forget statement necklaces — flask bracelets will be the piece of jewelry you'll find yourself reaching for before heading out the door.
The designer invited photographers and a film crew to roam the hotel and film the whole scene. Check out the video of the event and join the party, won't you?
Swig on Rowley's cocktail-keyed cuffs and celebrate her celebration collection here!
Photo: Courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

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