Gwyneth Paltrow, Clothing Designer? Here Are Her $500 Sweaters

It's just so fun to get goopy, right? Even when Gwyneth's expounding on some million dollar oxidized bee venom body scrub with injected Himalayan oxygen and Norwegian pine, complete with floating prehistoric diamond slices and organically-mined gold, we can't stop reading — a smirk on our face that's a little indulgent, a little in awe. "She's ridiculous," we say to our co-workers. But maybe we really, really need that scrub. Maybe it will change our lives. Maybe it will give us that Shakespeare In Love pink Ralph Lauren dress glow. Maybe our arms will look super-strong but still feminine. Maybe we'll be friends with Jay-Z and Beyonce, and become a godparent to Wisteria Azure (just a name suggestion, Hova!).
Cut to the latest entree in Paltrow's recent foray into e-commerce — aptly called the goop Collection —  limited-edition cashmere sweaters. The soft, cuddly-chic, and all-out adorable offerings, a collaboration between Gwynnie and ethically conscious line Chinti and Parker, consists of two slim-fit tops: a navy number with white hearts and red arm patches, and a cream confection with dark blue stripes, lavender elbow patches, and a pocket perfect for storing some multivitamins. The kicker? The cute little "GP" initials woven onto the back, meaning you have real proof you're part of the goop posse. Still, "GP" being GP, the price point isn't low ($485-515), but for a piece of Paltrow that you're going to live in all winter long (and get lots of "awwwws"), it might be worth skipping the scrub and splurging on Apple-approved softness. Next up: Instagramming a pic of you and your new hearts (or stripes), hanging out with Gwyn, Jay & B, Chris Martin, and the whole gang. Find a secluded Hamptons beach, throw in a fall bonfire, choose the Valencia filter, and bam — you're a card-carrying member of the Agave lemonade set.
Chinti and Parker for goop Little Heart Intarsia Sweater, $515 available at; Chinti and Parker for goop Pocket Patch Striped Sweater, $485, available at
Photo: Courtesy of Blue Stripe PR

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