Chi's Bergman Siblings Sign With Columbia Records & Debut First Vid!

Wild Belle 2
You may already be familiar with local designer Elise Bergman, who has made her way into New York Fashion Week and beyond — our closets included. Clearly success must run in the family, as her equally stylish siblings, Natalie and Elliot Bergman, are the voices behind the up-and-coming band Wild Belle. If you're not familiar with their retro, psychedelic-pop music, we have a feeling you'll get to know them really soon.
The Chicago natives just signed with Columbia Records, but this is definitely not some overnight success story. Growing up in a house filled with "old-timey songs, hymns, and Dylan tunes," as described by Elliot and Natalie, music became a part of their lives at an early age. Natalie temporarily strayed from the Windy City to the Big Apple to record demos (working in a bar full-time), while Elliot was already touring with his successful Afrojazz band, NOMO. After sewing a few musical oats, the two eventually came together to create Wild Belle.
Recognized by everyone from the Chicago Tribune to Rolling Stone, the brother-sister duo just released a new music video for "It's Too Late," the first new track on their self-released debut album, Keep You. Both of these tracks will be featured on Wild Belle's new album due out early next year. Despite the fact that the band has performed all over the globe (including an upcoming European tour with Alabama Shakes and Michael Kiwanuka this winter) they still stay true to their Chicago roots — perhaps you even saw them perform at the Hideout Block Party this past weekend.
"Its Too Late" is now available for purchase at BUYLINK. Check out this local sensation!
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records

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