These Alcoholic Ice Pops Give Us One Last Buzz Taste Of Summer

If you're just waking up (literally or figuratively), it's a breezy September Hump Day with just a few weeks left of hot-weather hope. Meaning just one thing: It's time to get your kicks in when you can. One amazing option? Ordering your last lick of summer by way of boozy ice pops from Conrad New York. Yes, the rooftop bar (which is actually called Loopy Doopy, we might add), is still open through October and they've got alcoholic treats to make sure it stays packed, too. And, the gang's all here. Choose your flavor — Watermelon 10 Cane Rum Mojito, White Peach Hudson Baby Bourbon, Strawberry and Grey Goose Citron, Blood Orange and Lychee Brooklyn Gin and Mango, Guava Malibu Coconut, and Prosecco — and forget it's not mid-July, or better yet, St. Tropez. Best of all, because these frozen treats are as refreshing as they are, uh, spiked, you have full permission to start indulging in the early afternoon. Fall? What fall?
Boozy Ice Pops, $14 each, Loopy Doopy at the Conrad New York, 102 North End Avenue (between Vesey and Murray streets); 212-945-0100.
Photo: Courtesy of Hawk PR

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