Bridesmaids Dresses That Won't Make Your Friends Secretly Hate You

While it is obviously an honor to be asked to be in the bridal party for any close friend, there is one aspect of the entire warm-and-fuzzy process that instils dread in the hearts of every future bridesmaid: the dress.
Endlessly parodied, the bridesmaid dress is one of the most bemoaned parts of any wedding. That said, there's no real reason why you can't make your BFFs look fantastic instead of frumpy (if not only for fear of a little thing called retaliation).
With plenty of pretty frocks on the market, picking out dresses for your attendants to wear while they help you make it down the aisle is as easy as ever. From minis to maxis and running the gamut from simple to fashion-forward, these are the dresses actually have a shot at being worn past your big day. And wouldn't that be gratifying?

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