On The Go With Super Stylist Dree Harper

You have to be fairly light on your feet to keep up with stylist, brand consultant, Pinterest queen, Refinery29 contributor, and chic mom Dree Harper. Whenever she flies in for NYFW from her homebase in Florida, she has labels to liase with, boutiques to visit, fabulous fashion finds to track down, shoots to style, online friends to meet in person, and, ultimately, a plane to catch back to her family. When we sent our videographers to follow her around, they could barely keep up!
What does this week of madness all mean, style-wise, for this fashion pro? Dree has to fill her suitcase with at least seven days worth of pieces that pack enough impact to leave an amazing first impression. That's why when she enjoys a business lunch with a colleague, stops by our office for a little consulting, or steps out for a cocktail with an online contact in the above video, she's sporting signature pieces from her go-to source, Bar III. See a week's worth of on-the-go looks from this professional fashion juggler.
Oh, and to snag some of Dree's fantastic looks yourself, click over to our boutique and shop straight out of her wardrobe!

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