Cute Boots Fit For All Calves (Seriously, There Are 21 Sizes Here!)

Boots are the kinds of closet essentials that you hold onto forever and practically live every fall and winter. So, it takes a pretty savvy shopper to scour through the racks and find the perfect pair to guarantee you happy feet for all that time.
With such a wealth of pretty options out there, sometimes finding the right one to fit your feet and legs can be a bit tricky. After all, we are all shaped differently.
Luckily, we've found Duo of Bath, a boot brand featuring selections that are not only cute, but also happen to come in 21 calf sizes. Yep, 21. That's plenty of wiggle room for every shape of leg and foot. So, go ahead, slip yourself into a super-supple pair of shoes that will feel as if they're made for you — a beautiful thing, considering they probably won't leave your soles until spring makes its return, many, many months from now.
Click ahead for some of the sleekest options you'll never have to struggle to put on.

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