A Date Night Playlist To Set The Mood Tonight

It's no secret that we're living in an exciting time for R&B, from the advent of The Weeknd to a reinvented, reinvigorated Usher.
Yet, even as the genre has changed, the focus is by and large the same: This is music about romance in all its forms, from the awesomely over-the-top sex ballads of R. Kelly to the soul-revealing emotionality of Frank Ocean. So, in honor of the the real reason we love slow jams, we've put together a playlist of some of our favorites – some cheesy, some classic, and some brand new.
You'll need to provide the wine, but allow us to allow us to set the mood. Now, whether or not you actually make it through the entirety of "Pony" without laughing though, that's on you.
Got Spotify? Click here to access the playlist!

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