Put Your Best Face Forward With Dermalogica's Skin-Clearing Cleansers

Think you know your favorite beauty brands? Think again. In this continuing series, we highlight some of our go-to lines. Read on for some interesting tidbits, plus the rundown on the products that made our list of favorites.
Beauty confession time: While many of us update our makeup every season with the latest colors, from our lips to our fingertips (love grape for both, btw) — for most folks, the face-cleansing routine hasn't changed since middle school. It's the most important part of a skincare regimen, and unfortunately, the old washcloth-and-drugstore-cleanser routine just doesn't cut it for everyone. If you're dealing with super-size pores, breakouts, or sensitivity, it may be time to cast off the cloth and finally invest in a big-girl cleansing system.
One great way to upgrade? Dermalogica's line of soap-free cleansers. From a pre-cleanser that dissolves dirt and oil on contact, to a genius resurfacing scrub that lifts impurities to reveal the cleanest, softest skin you've ever had, Dermalogica preps the canvas that is your skin, giving you a glowing, refreshed look — and it'll look great with your new lipstick, too.
Read on for our favorite ways to banish breakouts and get the glow!

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