This Is Our Jam: Danny Brown, "Change"

As Danny Brown has ascended from underground oddity to Internet sensation, it's possible his music has been overshadowed, or at least matched, by his over-the-top persona. The loveable Molly-enthusiast has been seemingly everywhere — making videos with A$AP Rocky, popping up on MTV, hanging with Kitty Pryde at Fashion Week — and generally bringing his one-of-a-kind weirdo vibes wherever he goes.
“Change” though, as its title suggests, switches things up for Brown. Rather than spit his hyperactive rhymes over the equally animated beats he's favored lately, Brown lays back for what's his smoothest track in ages. The song is the first single from his new album, made exclusively with producers Blu and Mainframe (who record as a team under the moniker Johnson&Jonson), and it shows Brown’s forgotten, more ruminative side. His rhymes are anything but lazy (“Blow a blunt, pass out, don’t count no sheep / Wake up, blow another one, and still don’t eat” is about the most evocative stoner couplet we’ve heard all year), but they are calmer and less volatile. While the professional goofball we know and love will surely return, “Change” is a pace that suits Danny Brown nicely.
UPDATE: As it turns out, the track is actually two years old and was featured on the It's A Art mixtape, which explains the stylistic differences. Still great to hear anything "new" from Danny Brown, even if it isn't really.
Danny Brown—Danny Johnson
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