R29 NYC Readers! We Want Your Real Beauty... Again!

R29 readers, we need you! Remember this awesome opportunity, when we asked you to model for us? Well, we've got the lights flashing again, but need some real beauty to step in front of the lens. This time, we're looking for long-haired ladies — as in, past the shoulders — with locks of all colors, textures, and types (sorry, cute shaggy bobs and sassy pixie cuts...your time will come, promise). No prior modeling experience necessary - we think that confidence and courage are the foundation for beauty, so if you've got that, you're already halfway there.
Now, the sweet deets: the shoot is scheduled for September 17, so you must be available on this day. Done checking your calendar? Great, now send us 3 pictures: a full length, tight portrait and 3/4 profile with your hair down in all photos. We're looking for variety and we know you've been practicing your looks in the mirror, so bring on your best smile, signature steely stare or come-hither gaze. Don't wear sunglasses (we want to see your beauty, after all) and make sure your photos are clear — you don't need to be a lighting expert, but it's your best friend, so face it and strike a pose. Attach these photos in an email to us (Opencall@refinery29.com) with the following info: your name, age, occupation, email, daytime phone, location and availability. Here's hoping your tresses make the cut!

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