Rachel Antonoff Hosts An All-Woman Wedding For Her Spring '13 Collection

Rachel Antonoff is fashion's master of storytelling — and it ain't no, "I was inspired by David Lynch and Japanese origami" predicability that we see all too often. Working with literal fantasy-scapes (in this case, an all-woman summer wedding held on a well-manicured lawn), Rachel turned her show attendees into wedding guests, offering up badminton, PB&J sandwiches, and even a slice of a two-bride-topped wedding cake (if you asked nicely enough). Classic Rachel Antonoff whimsy dominated this collection, which featured grown-up jellies, prints of aerial views of Versailles, soles with the embroidered names of all her close friends (Lena, Jack, Jane, Sophie, Mae…), and sweatshirts emblazoned with an "I'm With Her" that'd make the perfect lady BFF gift. And judging from the flood of Instagrams pouring from the show, we're venturing to guess that Rachel's wedding was probably way more popular than your high school prom queen's — take that, Veronica!

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