The Kick-Ass Hair Diet

The phrase “you are what you eat” should be taken quite literally when it comes to your hair — if you eat bad food, your mane is going to look all kinds of blah. Conversely, if you load up on certain vitamins, minerals, and proteins, you’ll have envy-inducing tresses that shine and sparkle like a shampoo commercial.
“Promoting healthy hair growth, similar to having healthy skin and nails, has everything to do with the quality of your daily nutrition,” says Lana Masor, MS, RYT, a nutritionist in New York City. “Your body is made up of cells — and the healthier your diet, the healthier overall cell growth you have throughout your body — including hair.” So, what should you munch on to make sure your mane is the kind that makes other girls weep with envy?
First, skip the get-gorgeous-hair-in-a-bottle promises (we know there’s a slew of them on store shelves, and it’s so tempting to simply pop a pill). “Try to avoid going for supplements in order to give your body the nutrition it deserves, and instead, reach for wholesome and natural foods,” says Masor. Plus, you’ve got to eat food anyway, so why not make sure to pile your plate with those that contain nutrients that pack a serious ah-mazing hair punch? They’ll do your health and hair good, promise. Read on for the scoop on which foods you need to eat to score luscious locks, plus a perfect-hair-day meal plan to get you headed (get it?) in the right direction.

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