Fresh Turns 21 — & Gives Us A Great Gift

We're not sure how you celebrated your 21st birthday, but we can guarantee (for the most part, if we could fully remember) that our party wasn't an exceptionally classy affair. Not so for Fresh, however — if you can believe it, the iconic brand is turning 21 this month! The company's aged pretty darn gracefully, so it's no surprise that they would honor the occasion in an elegant way.
Appropriately launching on the most festive night in the industry, Fresh is releasing an anniversary trio of Oval Soaps, the product that got them started. While the scents may be familiar (Sugar, Patchouli, and Hesperides Grapefruit), they've collaborated with artist and illustrator R. Nichols to create limited-edition packaging. And, by the way? We're obsessed with it.
The metallic wrappers are printed with whimsical graphic representations of each scent, making them perfect presents for your friend that put you up in her beach house all summer. (Or, you know, you can keep them for yourself. Not judging.) Rounding out the B-day gifts is an equally adorable stationery set. We suggest sending your first note to Fresh — these fab goodies are more than worthy.
Fresh Turns 21 Oval Soaps, $15 each, available at Fresh.
Photo: Courtesy of Fresh

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