(Mostly) No-Sew Tips For Perfecting Any Vintage Find

It’s no coincidence that I became a dedicated thrift shopper in 7th grade, the year I hit my adult height of 6’2”. (Yes, you read that correctly. I was a six-foot preteen. This is why I’m now so good at not giving a f*ck.)
Add to my height the fact that in the mid-‘90s, every mall store was stocked with platform shoes and wide-leg pants — two items that remain on my list of personal nightmares — and you can see why I turned to the world of cheap secondhand clothes. I honed my thrifting skills, acquired some basic alteration know-how, and set about making myself a wardrobe of stuff that actually fit.
While I’ve become pretty handy with a sewing machine, there are a handful of simple tweaks any novice can learn which can really improve thrift-store finds — and don’t even require a thread and bobbin.
Photographed by Shanita Sims

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