Why Is Vacation Sex So Good?

There's just something about being on vacation with your significant other that makes hitting the sheets so much hotter than it is at home. Unfortunately, since most of us are stressed-out workaholics who don’t get a ton of time off, it’s just not, well, fair that we can’t get it on like that all the freaking time. “Vacation sex allows for spontaneity, rest, unstructured sex, less responsibility toward others, and new environments,” says Sari Cooper, a certified sex therapist in New York City.
It doesn’t require MIT brains to get the gist of why it’s so good to get your groove on when on vacay —you’re relaxed. Your mental switch gets dimmed, and your libido lights up. “When people get away from their everyday responsibilities, they can focus on their pleasurable needs, which include sexuality,” says Cooper. “If they are able to ‘unplug’ from their smart phones and, therefore, their office, they can get back to being more creative, both in and out of the bedroom.”
But semi-checking your email isn’t the only thing that comes into play. It’s also about the physical act of being in an unfamiliar environment. “When you’re in the mindset of exploring a new place, that translates into exploring new types of sexuality,” says Cooper. As well as getting a little TLC: “On vacation, you’re typically being taken care [of] in the form of meals cooked and dishes cleaned, beds being made — which makes you feel comforted, and this allows you to regress, if you will, to a time when you were taken care of, which opens up the creative channels in a person to feel more spontaneous and playful, which helps couples get out of predictable patterns of sex.”
And possibly the most crucial sex factor of going to bed with your honey? Going. To. Bed. Like as in to actually sleep. “People are, for the most part, sleep deprived in their everyday lives, which decreases libido,” says Cooper. “Vacations offer the opportunity for naps in the middle of the day, deeper sleep at night, which contributes to a reigniting of your sex drive.”
So, really, when it comes down to it, the foundation of hot sex when not at home is super-easy to recreate when you are: Hire a cleaning lady, check out someplace in your 'hood (or nearby) you’ve never been to before, then go home and shut off your computer, take a nap, order in food, and thank us later.
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