The 15 Top NYCers To Follow On Instagram

Moment of truth: Our fingers are actually sore from surreptitiously checking our iPhones (or, err, Androids) and pressing the "home" button on our Insta feed. During the company meeting. At a business lunch. On a date. We're hooked and we can't stop staring. Sure, it's a problem, but as of now, the only side effects—apart from bad manners—are a larger photo library, a slightly competitive streak (how does she have more followers than me?!), and a propensity for postcard-worthy sunsets.
Because we know most of you are as gram-ed out as we are, we've put together a hit list of the top 15 NYC Instagrammers to add to your must-follow list. We've got the kids with the best skyline shots, editors with inspiring selfies, and, naturally, dedicated foodies who need to snap before they snack. After all, no city lends itself to ♥-worthy visuals like the Big Apple, so give in and treat this as yet another reason to hit refresh. Right. Now.
Click through for the 15 coolest Insta kids on the block—and get ready to be hooked!

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