This Adorable Lookbook Is Like A Jean-Luc Godard Film In 19 Snaps

Sun-soaked, quirky, and sophisticated, Line & Dot's latest lookbook is like a collection of stills from Une Femme Est Une Femme. Printed rompers, easy floor-length dresses, and perfect-for-the-office-and-everywhere skirts round out the list of ensembles that would make even Anna Karina jealous. It's like she got plucked from the screen and landed in our dream wardrobe. And then decide to do some laundry, read a book, sip some win, and take a quick spin around town — all while looking effortlessly adorable. Not that we'd ever try to remake Jean-Luc Godard's masterpiece, but if push came to shove, we'd cast Zooey Deschanel and Line & Dot as co-stars. Trying to snag the same look, too? The label is available in over 40 bric- and-mortar stores in NYC (including Prince of Soho, Tokyo Girls, and Jane's Closet) so you can take the Parisian chic stateside. Can you say, "muse"?
Photos: Courtesy of Bollare

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