Subway Stalking! 40 Hot Snaps From The Underground

During the dog days of summer, the last place most New Yorkers want to be is trapped in the sticky caverns of the subway system. But, for those who can't escape to Montauk for half the week, the MTA remains the easiest path to complete quotidian obligations—work, groceries, Soul Cycle classes—and frequenting the nearest rooftop bar.
So, during the very sticky months of July and August, we sent intrepid photographer Angela Pham back into the humid corridors of our transit system for the third time. Her mission? To get up close and personal with commuters and tourists bravely, well, sticking it out underground. As usual, she came back with evidence that our trains remain the best people-watching spots in the city. From Jackson Heights to Carroll Gardens to Chinatown, Big Apple commuters exhibited flesh-baring styles that might have resulted in us writing up some Missed Connection ads of our own.
Check out 40 snaps from NYC's hottest subway routes—did you make the cut?

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